Do You Want to Visit A Head Shop?

If you are a regular smoker then you must be visiting many smoke shops regularly in order to buy various items meant for smoking. 

Have you heard of Aceite Vape? These shops are also similar to smoke shops, but there is some differences too. The term ‘head’ has come during the sixties when there was hippy culture where people used to consume marijuana, which was also called ‘pothead’.

Thus, the word head shop has come, who sells all the necessary items and accessories needed for smoking weed, but they don’t sell any weed.

The basic difference between any head shop and smoke shop is that in smoke shop you will find cigars and cigarettes etc. whereas the head shop sells only the accessories needed for smoking cannabis products.

Few tips to visit any head shops 

      1. Go with any friend

It will always be a fun to visit such shops with a friend who can make things much easier and also with him you can fool around too. Whether your friend is an experienced stoner or new to smoking, it will always be fun to be with him.

Stoner friend can obviously be a bonus for you and can be helpful in selecting your item.

      2. Try to make it eventful

Buying a new bong can always be fun and try to make this purchase as an important event by getting stoned along with your close friends.  

You can go even further after your purchase, where you along with your squad can go back to break that baby. You will get so stoned, as well as feel so delighted.

      3. Embrace the inner airhead

Another idea can be embracing the inner airhead and speak up when you fail to understand something, or ask questions. Try to get clarity. Usually, most people feel delighted to get a chance for showing off their expertise.

You can create a stage as dumb and, in your interaction, you can position as a teacher where practically you are just expressing your lack of knowledge.

      4. Recognize the investment 

Such head shops are located in certain ghetto area of town and this stigma is always attached to it, almost like a stoner. They can also be dark and cheap place. 

When you try to get courage to visit such shop and find that any average bong is costing far more than what you had expected.

      5. Don’t get overwhelmed by choice

Often you may get overwhelmed to shop just for glass which is not just expensive, but also it is difficult to remember exactly which piece you really liked, when you are engaged in checking the entire inventory. 

So, whenever you find anything that really interests you, keep it separately and then finally select out of few that you have liked.

      6. Don’t box yourself

You must be little flexible because there can be many things that the head shop may offer, which you do not know before. If your aim is to just buy something to smoke your weed then you need not box yourself with many different criteria.