How To Proactively Manage Weed Consumption To Make It Last Long?

Weed is not cheap, especially for daily consumers. Making their stash last long seems hard. Unfortunately, everyone does not have a vast budget, so they always look for ways to make their supply last as long as possible. Mindful weed consumption is crucial to enjoy it within budget as well as control their tolerance level.

How to proactively manage weed consumption to make it last long?


Smoking weed delivers a full cannabis effect instantly due to combustion. As you inhale the smoke at first, the effect can be intense but it quickly evens out. The high shortly wears off. Switch to a vaporizer, which will offer a more leveled experience that lasts longer.

The combustion is non-carcinogenic, which is beneficial to your health. After vaporizing, the spent weeds can be used in preparing edibles. Saving and reusing vaped cannabis is a great combo you can enjoy switching to vaporizing.

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Separate your stash

You need to store cannabis in multiple jars. When you remove the weed to use, airspace gets created inside the hr. this can oxidize the remaining stash. Using small jars means less airspace and you can enjoy fresh stash. Different storage options also mean you can be familiar with the amount of weed left.

Determine a daily limit

If you are using weed for leisure then it is wise to limit your dosage as well as cut the sessions. When you are home doing nothing or when the day at work was awful, it is easy to blaze for relaxation. If you practice self-discipline by limiting your daily limit can do wonders. You can set aside a specific daily dosage and hide the rest. It will be helpful and the cannabis will last longer.

Add other herbs

Some users smoke or vape weeds because of its flavor. They can add some extra kind of herbs to their weeds. There are tons of flavored plants that can be safe to smoke as well as enjoy their interesting effects, for example, damiana and mullein.

Save your joint and blunt roaches

It is a little nasty but you wish to stick to joints or blunts. Instead of throwing away the roaches save them. You can rollover these leftovers but they may not taste fresh but it is a great option for those desperate times.

Diversify your intake

A dabber or smoker can choose some other alternative at times. Keep some edibles besides your stash. Eat a cannabis brownie before puffing and save this session for later. You can skip smoking as the cannabis treat just kicked in.

Share a pot

Smoking alone is risky as you will be unable to stop until the stash ends. Enjoying a pot with friend’s means everyone pitches in a little and more weed amount means more smoke!

Enjoy your controlled smoke sessions!